Region Championships

2022/2023 Region Championship dates and locations will be advised once set

Region Championships are held for each Region in NSW for Athletes in Under 8's to Under 17's who have competed and qualified to progress through from Zone.

For Under 8's, the first 3 places in each event will receive medals.

For Under 9's to Under 17's, the first and second place from each event will automatically progress through to the State Championships*. In addition to the automatic qualifiers, up to eight additional competitors from across the Statewith the next best results will progress from Region to State.

* Some events have qualifying times/measurements that athletes must obtain to progress to State i.e. 1500m Walk; the 3000m run and High Jump.


Congratulations to all athletes who have qualifed for the Regional Championships








                    Beau Argaet                      Under 8          100m, Long Jump, 70m, 200m

                    Travis Harris                     Under 8          70m

                    Tahleah Mitchell               Under 8          700m

                    Ava Pale-Eli                       Under 8          700m

                    Ranvir Sandhu                   Under 8          100m, Long Jump, 700m, 200m

                    Lynette Smith                    Under 8          60m Hurdles, 100m, Discus, 70m

                    Brock Doran                       Under 9          700m Walk

                    Aliyah Mariner                    Under 9          100m, 70m, 200m

                    Maddison Cox                    Under 10          800m

                    Ariella Culina                      Under 10          60m Hurdles, 70m, Shot Put

                    Neveah Kake                      Under 10          70m, 200m

                    Beau Stahl                          Under 10          800m

                    Teliah Argaet                      Under 11          1500m, 400m, 800m

                    Brayden Doran                    Under 11          1500m, 400m, 1100m Walk, 800m

                    Abbey Cox                           Under 12          Triple Jump, Shot Put

                     Ryan DeLuca                       Under 12         100m, Long Jump, 200m, Triple Jump

                     Summer Reynolds              Under 12         100m, Triple Jump, 200m, Long Jump, Javelin

                     Tyran Shields                      Under 12         1500m, Long Jump, 80m Hurdles, 800m

                     Rhys Argaet                        Under 13         400m, 200m, High Jump

                    Dre Oakes                           Under 13          100m, Triple Jump, Discus

                    Navreet Sandhu                  Under 13          1500m, 80m Hurdles

                    Bryce Iping-Hickson           Under 15          1500m, Long Jump, Discus

                    Christopher Gillett              Under 17          100m, 200m